Sunday, June 28, 2009

Enhance your natural beauty with a smile


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A Happy Healthy Smile

A smile on your face can not only lighten your look, increase your natural beauty, stimulate inner joy, it can also make you feel better! And feeling better can only lead to one thing - more smiles!

Smiling can bring you joy, as well as, lighten the mood of others around you - sometimes those you may not even notice. A smile on your face is a free, natural, and easy way for you to enhance your natural beauty, bringing your inner self outward. It tends to lowers others resistance towards you, or at least make them stop and think twice before doing something to upset you.

As far as natural health goes, if "laughter is the best medicine" then certainly a smile is in a step in the right direction.

Some research shows a face uses at least one more muscle to smile, rather than frown. Why not enhance your looks with a smile? Don't you enjoy seeing people smile at you rather than frown?

Smiling, even if your embarrassed about a missing tooth, or not-so-white teeth (all things that you can fix if you want to), just might be the thing that encourages a new person to speak with you, lands you that job your interviewing for, sends an uplifting vibe out to others who may be feeling depressed, or at a minimum makes you feel better!

If you find it hard to muster a smile, think of one thing that gives you pleasure, or something that you're grateful for. Perhaps as soon as you thought of it, a smile began to emerge - did it?

A smile is such an easy way to spread a little joy everyday - try it for yourself and see!

Author's note: As this article was being prepared for publishing we learned of the passing of our beloved Farrah Fawcett - one of America's most beautiful and adored women. Our condolences and our heart goes out to her family and loved ones. Farrah was a stunning natural beauty, known for her long luscious hair, and acting ability, as well as her gleaming dazzling smile. It may never be measured in quantifiable terms how much joy she gave all of us by sharing her spectacular smile. 

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