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Avail the unsurpassed cosmetic makeover

Constantly, the cosmetic makeovers are not linked with your skin or splendor. The harms that the diverse cosmetic surgery systems solve are much deeper than your beauty. Billions of persons across the globe are tormenting from diverse inborn defects as well as so, they consider the cosmetic surgery as a magical solution to their harms. Cosmetic surgery is an unbelievably huge domain of recent medical science that has the power to augment the numerous tribulations of millions of folks across the globe. Cosmetic surgery can help you improve your appearance, your figure as well as most importantly gives persons the much needed normal configuration that they are not gifted with. The overall look of a individual would fully change due to the cosmetic makeover. It may involve the ways such as the cosmetic dentistry, hair makeovers, facelifts, liposuction, eye cosmetic surgery, lip augmentation, skin cancer surgery, skin cancer reformative surgery, the chin along with the cheek implants, breast implants, etc. Thus, cosmetic surgery not just copes with your phony tribulations but also helps you to get over your deep rooted harms.People suffering from chubbiness or cellulite repeatedly prefer undergoing the cosmetic makeover surgery that is known as the liposuction. The patients can recuperate their original outline of body with the help of the cosmetic surgery method. Cosmetic dentistry is an added section of the cosmetic makeover that copes with solving the tribulations associated to your jaws as well as teeth. Many individuals bear from a misshapen jaw structure that also includes the chin harms. With the help of the cosmetic dentistry, this crisis could be reformed for that precise zone. Skin cancer in the recent times has become a very ordinary trouble in the various countries that have troubles with their ozone layer and also have high pollution levels. With the help of the skin cancer reformative surgery you can totally restore this sickness.Cosmetic surgery also helps you to refigure your injured parts that are affected due to disasters in addition to similar calamities. You are now able to reform even your eye tribulations with the help of eye cosmetic surgery. Getting free of your crinkles in addition to scratch marks through the cosmetic surgery is something that most individuals are alert about. Folks mostly experience the face lift methods for solving their face linked troubles.Therefore, you must not hide your crisis from the world, rather you should avail help of the cosmetic surgery methods in order to treat your harms.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Benefits of Black Tea

We all know the multitude of skin care and health benefits associated with green tea but do you know black tea is beneficial to our skin and health as well?  Black tea is made from the dried leaves of Camellia Sinensis which is a perennial green shrub. Green tea, black tea, and oolong tea are all derived from the same plant. Black tea is essentially green tea but the leaves are further dried which change the color and taste.

Black tea has caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system, relaxes the airways, stimulates the heart, and acts as a diuretic. Aside from the health benefits, black tea is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins E and C and help to fight free radicals that cause pre-mature aging. Fresh has taken these benefits and created a line of products using black tea.

(Images: Sephora)

(Images: Sephora)

Fresh Age Delay Eye Cream ($65) is a 3 in 1 product that targets all your under eye issues. It’s shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothe puffiness, and banish dark circles. It also helps your skin from losing its elasticity and firmness.

Fresh Age Delay Cream ($125) is a rich moisturizer that reduces fine lines, firms and smooths your skin. The formula contains lychee which works to boost collagen and cell regeneration.

If your skin teeters on the dry side, you might want to try out the Fresh Instant Perfecting Mask ($85). The whipped textured cream hydrates, firms and smooths out your skin for up to six hours after application.

Who knew black tea was as powerful and beneficial as green tea? It’s great to have options in our journey towards amazing skin. And we all want younger, fresher and healthier looking skin, right?

Summer sustenance: The bounty of local farmers' markets

ind plenty of good food — food that's good for you — at local farmers markets


Fresh vegetables get sold at Happy's Home Grown stand at the farmer's market at 21st and Ridge.

Fernando Salazar/The Wichita Eagle

Fresh vegetables get sold at Happy's Home Grown stand at the farmer's market at 21st and Ridge.

Ask a couple of dietitians about the best summer finds at the grocery store and farmers market, and you'll get lots of ideas. And some fun facts. Wichita registered dietitians Linda Nye of Via Christi HOPE and Lisa Friesen of Sedgwick County Extension had no problem coming up with a list of summer goodness.

"As we return to savoring simple pleasures in these 'economically challenged times,' how easy, environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive it is to add beauty and richness to life with good food," Friesen says.

These are readily available at farmers markets, she says, which means lower transportation costs and a way to keep food dollars invested in the local economy.

Here's the list, plus comments from Friesen and Nye:


The smaller the squash, the more flavorful it is. Squash is low in calories, high in fiber and full of vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin, a winter squash, is one of the best sources of vitamin A and beta-carotene.

The world's longest zucchini was 70 inches, Nye says. The world's largest squash weighed 654 pounds.

Friesen says, "Squash has become my absolute favorite stir-fry ingredient, usually with sweet onions and red bell pepper for color. Yellow and zucchini squash are my workhorses, but other varieties are fun and easy to experiment with also."


There are three main varieties: red, green and savoy. Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable high in phytochemicals associated with lower risk of a number of cancers; it's also a good source of vitamins K and C, fiber, manganese, B6 and folate.

Nye suggests cutting the amount of lettuce in your salad by half and replacing with thinly sliced cabbage.

The world's largest cabbage weighed 123 pounds.

Swiss chard

It's a leafy green vegetable related to the beet and has white or red stems, which can be used as you would celery. It's a good source of carotenoids, vitamins K, A and C, manganese, potassium and iron.

"I saw some at Omaha's botanical garden on my vacation," Nye says. "I paid to see them growing, even though my husband always grows them. He uses it in his sandwiches and wraps instead of lettuce."


What would summer be without watermelon, an excellent source of beta-carotene and vitamin C? Rather than having seed-spitting contests, scoop seeds out and do what they do in China: Roast them, salt them and eat them like popcorn. (But they're 65 percent fat, Nye says.)

Friesen cuts watermelon into thin wedges for her "super-simple summer potluck staple."


Another great source of beta-carotene and vitamin C, a cantaloupe won't ripen under refrigeration, so keep it at room temperature. When the aroma indicates it's ripe and sweet, refrigerate.

An average cantaloupe will make 45 to 50 melon balls, Nye says. Friesen says they make a delicious frozen snack.


Peppers are a good source of vitamins A and C. Red bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges. Sweet red peppers are 11 times higher in beta-carotene and 1½ times higher in vitamin C than green peppers.

The hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin it has. Wear gloves when working with hot peppers or you'll feel their heat when you touch your eyes or lips. You can decrease the heat by 70 to 80 percent if you remove the white ribs and seeds and rinse the pepper in cold water, Nye says.

"Capsaicin does not dissolve in water or beer," she says. "They only spread the capsaicin. Ideal remedy is to use milk, yogurt or sour cream. The protein casein in them breaks the bond between capsaicin and the pain receptors in your mouth."

Eat lots of hot peppers and you'll become less susceptible to their heat. There also is some research linking spicy foods and hot peppers to lower body weight, Friesen says.


Botanically, the tomato is a fruit, actually a berry, Nye says. The U.S. Supreme Court declared them a vegetable in 1893 for tariff purposes — so they could tax them, Friesen says.

Choose a vine-ripened tomato for the best taste, store them stem-end down at room temperature and slice just before serving. If ripened in direct sunlight, they lose most of their vitamin C.

Cooked tomatoes are higher in lycopene, an antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of some cancers.

Adding chopped carrots to tomato-based recipes will reduce the acidity, Nye says. And never cook a whole tomato in a microwave — it will explode.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Link between moles and skin cancer found

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Mole - Health News - Marie Claire Rex Features

Scientists have discovered that two genes that regulate the appearance of moles can double the risk of skin cancer.
The genes were identified after researchers at the Department of Twin Research at King's College London scoured the genetic codes of more than 1,500 adult female twins in Britain.
It was already known that having a lot of moles is a major risk factor for the disease but this discovery could help research teams develop treatments.
Dr Veronique Bataille, a consultant dermatologist at the Department of Twin Research, who took part in the study, said: ‘These new genes may be useful for screening but will also help in understanding melanoma genetic pathways with possible therapeutic targets.
'If you do have many moles, especially large moles, it is recommended that you have them checked.’

Elliston: On a different track, from farmland to intermodal site

Elliston farmland that once housed a thriving cannery and meat-packing plant could become the property of Norfolk Southern if the plan for an intermodal rail yard is realized.

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By Jeff Sturgeon | The Roanoke Times

File April
   Frank Howard imagines a day when he won't have a choice but to pack up and leave the family farm in Elliston.

The Roanoke Times

File April Frank Howard imagines a day when he won't have a choice but to pack up and leave the family farm in Elliston.

The land that would be occupied by the railroad project is located on the south side of U.S. 11/460, where it meets Cove Hollow Road.

SHAOZHUO CUI Special to The Roanoke Times

The land that would be occupied by the railroad project is located on the south side of U.S. 11/460, where it meets Cove Hollow Road.

Douglas Sink, a resident with a long history in Elliston, stands in the old tomato cannery building, which he worked in.

SHAOZHUO CUI Special to The Roanoke Times

Douglas Sink, a resident with a long history in Elliston, stands in the old tomato cannery building, which he worked



ELLISTON -- From his porch, 74-year-old Frank Howard sees a field.

He recalls how his family grew tomatoes there and packed them in a steamy cannery out back.

Howard scalded the red fruit in water, among other jobs. Local farm women peeled the still-hot tomatoes. After the tomatoes were packed in tin cans and the cans cooked in a vat of boiling water, Howard's mother applied a red-and-blue label saying "Mountain Beauty" with flour paste.

A truck driver hauled cases of tomatoes to grocery stores and to train stations for shipping.

Just up the road was the Green Hill meat-packing plant, another prosperous industry.

Norfolk Southern Corp. intends to turn this same ground adjacent to U.S.

11/460 into an intermodal freight center.

Though they have long been retired from commerce, the story behind the Mountain Beauty and Green Hill brand names is still accessible through the tales of old-timers such as Howard, historical photos and real estate records.

Motorists can see the old industries from U.S. 11/460 -- but possibly not for much longer.

Montgomery County's elected leaders have sued to block the state from paying the lion's share of the $25 million cost for the intermodal yard and $11 million expense for road work. If the county wins, it could scuttle the project.

But Norfolk-based Norfolk Southern contends state financial support is appropriate for an expansion leading to greater freight efficiency.

It is buying land for the project even though a judge has not yet decided the case.

Last month, the railroad bought part of the former Howard farm, including the former cannery.

Howard, who has not struck a deal yet, can imagine a day when he won't have a choice but to pack up and leave the family farm, where he was born and raised, so crews can level his house and acres of adjacent crop land for paving crews. He expects to see the old cannery and the meat plant come down.

Where crews picked Mountain Beauty tomatoes from fertile eastern Montgomery County soil, machinery will forward steel boxes of general freight 40 or 50 feet long moving along the Heartland Corridor intermodal shipping route between the Midwest and the Port of Virginia, according to the railroad's plan. The meat plant site is needed for a road.

U.S. 11/460 and two train tracks border a rectangular, flat agricultural field nearly three-fourths of a mile long with a silo in Elliston adjacent to the Montgomery County-Roanoke County line. State and railroad officials call it the Elliston intermodal rail yard site.

Intermodal rail freight moves in containers carried either by ship, rail or truck, or a combination of those. The planned Elliston yard is designed to shift goods between trucks and trains, and vice versa, and span 65 acres.

That would appear to spell the end for the former Green Hill Inc. meat-packing plant on U.S. 460, which operated for most of the second half of the last century and employed 150 people during its heyday. It closed in 1990 and has been vacant since.

Under owner Walter Lipes since 1946, who also led the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, the slaughterhouse would kill up to about 150 hogs in one day. Workers could convert a live animal to sausage in 28 minutes, he said.

"That's how we got the meat to stay fresh so long. Rigor mortis never had a chance to set in," Lipes said.

Former salesman Orville Pendry of Elliston said he called on grocers and grocery warehouses, taking orders for the company's whole hog sausage.

As a bonus, Lipes, 91 and now living in Myrtle Beach, S.C., took key personnel fishing in North Carolina in the spring and to New York in the fall.

"I enjoyed working there so much, I wondered why they paid me," said Pendry, who went on the trips. "Everybody knew everybody and everybody treated everybody with respect. It was a good situation."

Jerry Akers of Salem, who owns the Green Hill building, said he is open to talking to the railroad about a possible sale.

"You can't fight progress," he said.

While Lipes made his name in pork, the late R.H. "Robert" Howard made his prosperity in tomatoes.

Howard, originally of Pulaski, started what became a large family tomato business on the broad Elliston plain. His son, Raby Howard, joined in. Eventually, so did his children, who include Frank Howard. The year the business started is unclear. The family told Esso Farm News in 1954 that canning began under a tree about 1928.

Frank Howard said the canning moved inside a wooden shed beside the family home and, later, to a block building. He said his dad and granddad made a good living at it.

"Most of ours went to Kroger or Mick-or-Mack," he said.

When Howard retells the story of the business, he uses a stack of black-and-white pictures he owns. There's him dumping a load of scalded tomatoes in front of a crew of women in white aprons -- the peeling team. There's him watching a basket of sealed cans about to be dunked in a vat of boiling water for cooking. There's his mother, Mable, labeling.

Douglas Sink of Shawsville worked in the Howard fields and cannery.

"Anything to make a nickel," he said in a recent interview.

The growing operation grew to about 50,000 tomato plants on 40 acres, Frank Howard said. Crews doused the plants with the pesticide DDT to kill tobacco hornworms, green caterpillars that grow to 4 inches long, and copper dust for blight, Howard said.

At canning time, the business employed about 50 people in the field and 50 in the cannery, Howard said.

"Everybody that you talk to that lives in Elliston will tell you they worked here at one time or another," said Joyce Howard, Howard's wife.

She described Elliston during these times as "a booming little place."

Folks shopped at the Sunset Service Center supermarket, ate at Wilson's, which doubled as a truck stop, and filled up at the Esso station. All are closed.

When Robert Howard's health deteriorated, he pulled back and the tomato business wound down in the late 1950s, said Frank Howard, who later pursued business in contract services and cattle.

Robert Howard died in 1966 and is buried in the family cemetery. It is on a hilly part of the family property the railroad isn't interested in, he said.

The railroad has sought and so far obtained a portion of the former fields, paying $2.4 million in three transactions, county real estate records show.

Although the railroad has the power of eminent domain, meaning it can buy land from an owner who does not want to sell, it has not used the process. Instead, it has found the people who had acquired various parts of the Howard farm willing to sell. Norfolk Southern owns the former homes of Howard's sister Helen Lawrence of Riner and late brother, John. Both are unoccupied.

Down a country road, the block building that housed the cannery and a silo beside it are railroad property.

Frank Howard still owns his 65-acre share of the family farm, where he grows hay and lives with his wife. Four tomato plants grow beside the house.

Frank and Joyce's son, Allen, lives a stone's throw away in his house with his wife, Staci, and their daughter, Allison, 7, the fifth generation of the family to live on the farm.

The railroad wants about 20 acres of Frank Howard's land, including the house, and his son's land and house. Frank Howard said he is waiting for the railroad to offer a price he agrees with.

It is more than a place to live he is being asked to give up.

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Health notes: Calling time on sunbeds


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In February, 14-year-old Kirsty McRae was rushed to hospital with first-degree burns. She’d spent 19 minutes on a coin-operated sunbed in Barry, South Wales, where a sign advertised four minutes’ use for £1. When Kirsty had asked about getting a spray tan because she felt pale, her mum had said no: ‘I wish now I’d said yes,’ she said.

Two months later, Kelly Thompson, just ten, sustained burns over 70 per cent of her body after 16 minutes on an unmanned sunbed; two minutes more and she would have needed skin grafts. She will have to avoid direct sunlight for the next ten years.

Shockingly, anyone can set up a tanning ‘salon’. Although the Sunbed Association’s Code of Practice, in line with EU and UK government guidance, states that sunbeds should not be used by children under 16 (because of their delicate skin), only 22 per cent of sunbed operators are members. And unmanned beds may or may not have warning signs.

According to guidelines, sunbed users should be asked a set of questions (including how old they are and if they’re taking any medication) and have their skin type assessed (the very fair should never use sunbeds).

But in a report (awaiting publication) of 69 manned facilities by Julie Barratt, director of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in Wales, secret shoppers found that more than half would allow under-16s to use the sunbeds if they had parental consent or were with an adult. Only 23 per cent checked skin type and just two salons asked if the ‘customer’ was taking medication.

But horrific burns are not the only risks sunbeds present. ‘Any sunburn increases the risk of potentially fatal malignant melanoma, particularly a sunburn in childhood [under 18], which may lead to cancer years later,’ says Professor Antony Young of St John’s Institute of Dermatology in London.

According to Cancer Research UK, there are twice as many cases of malignant melanoma as there are of breast cancer among women in their 20s. Although the Sunbed Association website claims it’s a ‘myth’ that ‘melanoma is directly associated with UV exposure’, leading experts disagree. ‘It’s like the tobacco industry saying there is no evidence that tobacco causes lung cancer,’ says Professor Young.

Sunbed operators say their equipment delivers mostly UVA, which has in the past been linked to ageing, rather than UVB, responsible for burning. But, says Professor Nick Lowe of the Cranley Clinic, London, ‘There is ample evidence implicating UVA as the silent skin damager in melanoma.’

And Professor Young adds that ‘sunbeds still emit some UVB, which is 1,000 times more powerful than UVA, so even a tiny percentage can be dangerous’. Cancer Research UK warns that those who use a sunbed once a month or more can increase their skin cancer risk by more than half.

After reviewing all published data, American dermatologist Dr David E Fisher, president of the Society of Melanoma Research, and colleagues conclude that, ‘Whereas genetic and other factors undoubtedly contribute to skin cancer risk, the role of UV is incontrovertible, and efforts to confuse the public, particularly for purposes of economic gain by the indoor tanning industry, should be vigorously combated.’

In the UK, a beauty industry lobbying group, led by Michelle Feeney, CEO of St Tropez, and Welsh MP Siân James (and supported by professors Young and Lowe), is calling for legislation to ban the use of sunbeds by under-18s, to end all unmanned facilities and introduce health warning signs similar to those on cigarette packets.

But first Siân needs a minimum of 10,000 signatures to present in a petition to Parliament. Sign up at Many experts hope the outcome will be a total ban on sunbeds.

Health Notes graphic

Parabens out, quids in

Asda has launched its own no-nasties nappies and baby skincare range at credit-crunch-busting prices. Products are paraben-free, dermatalogically tested and low-fragrance, and come in 25-per-cent-recycled bottles. We love the Little Angels baby shampoo (98p for 250ml) and the degradable nappy sacks (£1.71 for 75). What’s more, the eco-nappies (with biodegradable backing) don’t leak!

Coffee break benefit

Giving up coffee cleared Mary Bryson’s severe acne after 20 years of break-outs: ‘Doctors are sceptical but nothing worked until I discovered this intolerance. I suggest sufferers have a food sensitivity test now,’ she says.

Website of the week

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Gorgeous yoga weekend bags, £35, and accessories, including a charming pink or turquoise Karma Shopper, £12.

All made by a women’s cooperative in India, sourced by ex-Treasury high-flyer Lou Tilbury.

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Friend, you've gotta measure something...

G'day Friend,
As you know I've been a fitness author and professional for the
past few years and I get hundreds of emails each week for specific
fat loss nutrition answers.
I enjoy you're email and it's a highlight of my day to chat with
you but I also get EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with many emails I receive.
Just yesterday I got an email from someone who asked if they should
cut their carbs in order to lose more fat.
I didn't answer, almost.
I usually DO NOT answer these emails and instead direct you to one
of my comprehensive articles or videos or programs so you can
answer the question yourself (which will also test how serious you
are :) )
Why don't I answer all your emails?
To be honest, unless I know this person personally, I usually don't
answer these emails BECAUSE unless you are MEASURING what you are
doing nutritionally, there is NO ONE-MINUTE CHANGE THAT WILL MAKE A

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My advice would be useless because none of the other nutrition
variables in your program are CONSTANT so you would have no way of
measuring if this one-minute change actually worked or not.
Answering your question becomes a waste of time for me and asking
your question becomes a waste of time for you.
As you know, I really do want want to see you build your best body
so I do answer them but in a way that is more helpful because this
person is asking the wrong question!
The Best Way I Can Answer Your Questions...
Unless you show me EXACTLY what you have been eating EVERY DAY for
the past month and unless you have a way of controlling EVERY
VARIABLE for the next month or so (to a realistic compliancy) then
we have no way to determine if "dropping carbs" actually made a
difference or not.
That's why I want to remind you that TODAY is your last chance to
Vince DelMonte's and Empowered Nutritions 84-day "Done-For-You" Fat
Loss Meal Plans.
Click here for more information
Remember the famous quote I shared with you recently?
"If it can not be measure then it can not be improved." Famous wise
Here's The Simple Truth
Simple truth: you probably have no idea what you're eating. You're
not alone, 98% (or more) of the population is in the same boat.
That is only way 1-2% of the population actually have desirable,
attractive and healthy physiques. I'm assuming you want to be one
of them since you're still with me?
You may be applying "nutrition health tips" found in magazines like
eat more protein, eat more frequently, get more fiber, eat veggies
with every meal and all those other great tips.
And if you're getting the results you're after and look and feel
the way you want then you don't have a problem.
Keep doing what you're doing and rock on!
If you ARE NOT, however, this is a major problem we can solve TODAY.
Here's Why The Meal Plans WORK
Let's say you follow the meal plan 80% of the time. So if there are
5 meals per day, 7 days a week, you have 35 meals to adhere to. You
follow it 80% of the time meaning you eat 28 of the 35 meals. Not
bad at all.
But what do you do if step on the scale after one week and nothing
Maybe you need a new diet plan? Maybe you need to drop the
calories? Maybe there is something wrong with our plans? Surely,
this must be the case.
The solution is simple.
***Follow the meal plans better than you did last week.***
Aim for 85% compliancy.
Just like you try to lift an extra 5 pounds with your weights or do
an extra rep, you should be applying the same principle of
PROGRESSION to your nutrition. When you start getting closer to 90%
compliancy, I promise you'll be standing out in EVERY crowd.
Without following the plan and knowing what you are eating you have
no way of making improvements and are a victim of winging your
nutrition and hoping the fat might magically come off.
Following A Meal Plans Is NOT For Everyone
There is no shame in admitting if this sounds too intense for you.
Not everyone is meant to have a perfect body and not everyone is as
committed to their health and fitness as others.
I'm the last one to point the finger :)
The only shame is believing that you're doing "everything right"
when you're clearly not even coming close.
The reality is that if you are not following any sort of meal plan
right now and were to FOLLOW to the Empowered Nutrition meal plans
just 20% of the time and gradually complied more and more, you
would easily and quickly start losing that next 10, 20 and 30
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Your body will be in better HORMONAL BALANCE which will boost the
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I think you know what you need to do now.
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Here's what you're going to do now:
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3. Print off the first week and start your first healthy meal
TODAY. Not tomorrow, not next week, not in a few months. Today. Now
is the time. I can't wait to hear about your results.

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Kazam - straight from Mother Nature

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Kazam Natural Body Care is a family based business that manufactures natural, organic, handmade health and beauty products like lotions, soaps, natural perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, as well as products for men and babies.
Marjorie Moutari, the founder and CEO of Kazam Natural Body Care not only has a knack for making amazing beauty products but she also has a giving nature and a kind heart. She has conducted workshops and seminars to train African women to make their own beauty products which enable them to gain independence and generate income for their families. Moutari is a also a supporter of the American Cancer Society.
Products I highly recommend:
Beautiful Hair Conditioner ($14): This conditioner couldn't be more perfect for my hair type. My hair is over-processed, dry and frizzy which calls for intense conditioning. This conditioner is not only vegan and mineral oil and petroleum free, but it smells aromatherapeutically beautiful! It's packed with plant oils and extracts which moisturize and nourish the hair and scalp. I've been using this conditioner every day for a week and I've fallen in love with how manageable and smooth my hair is when I use it.
Ingredients: Water, aloe, sopropyl palmitate, cocoa and shea butters, Vitamin E, fennel, sage, yarrow, jojoba, bergamot, geranium, rosewood, ylang ylang and rich moisturizing oils.
I love essential oil perfumes - they don't contain any synthetics, petrochemicals, parabens, alcohols or chemicals.
Kazam has quite an array of essential oil perfumes to choose from: Aphrodisiac, Angelic Presence, Sweet Dreams, Prosperity, Exotic Pleasure, Sweet Romance and Lavender.
Prosperity Essential Oil Perfume ($18): As much as I wanted to try the Sweet Romance perfume, I figured I could use a lil' help in the prosperity department (seeing I'm all set with the romance *wink*). When I got this perfume in the mail, it came in a super duper cute ruffley, green organza baggie. The specific essential oils for this perfume were not listed on the bottle or on their website and I made a conscious decision not to inquire about the ingredients because a) it's probably a secret "prosperity" formula and I know that if I had come up with it, I wouldn't want to share that info and b) I wanted it to simply be a prosperity perfume for prosperity's sake. I didn't want to dissect the formula and spoil the magic. In these rough economic times I'm sure we're all seeking a little extra prosperity. I've been wearing this perfume for about a week and I love it! It smells exactly like my Tinkerbell Perfume from when I was a little girl (how did they do that?) . You know how powerful sense memory can be... It makes me feel young when I'm wearing it and it has a feminine, girlie smell to it. To top everything off, how cool is it to tell my peeps that I'm rcokin' Prosperity Perfume? It's cool. :) As far as beckoning prosperity with my perfumey potion, I believe a week is too soon to tell, so I'll have to keep you all posted.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Natural Products Foundation Program Makes First 'Healthy Match'

New initiative unites underserved community health programs with donations from natural products manufacturers

WASHINGTON, June 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Natural Products Foundation (NPF) is pleased to announce the first "match" in its new effort to connect community health programs that are feeling the strain of the current economic climate with natural products companies willing to donate products, such as nutrition bars, dietary supplements and health and beauty aids. Named "Healthy Match," the program's first beneficiary is the Sarasota Community Medical Clinic, which offers a variety of health care services to the uninsured and financially needy throughout Sarasota County, Fla. Donations to the clinic are coming from Aubrey Organics, Carlson Nutritional Supplements, NOW Foods and Franklyn BioScience.

"Our population of patients will greatly benefit from having donated dietary supplements and personal care products," said Kathryn Cantley, R.N., B.A., clinical manager of the Sarasota clinic. "These products are generally something our patients cannot afford, but will definitely enhance their quality of life."

Thus far, seven additional community health programs across the country are participating in the project: No Aids Task Force, New Orleans, La.; Leahy Clinic for the Uninsured, Scranton, Penn.; Erie Family Health Center, Chicago, Ill.; West Side Community Health Services, St. Paul, Minn.; Creating Health Institute, Spokane, Wash.; Fourth Street Clinic, Salt Lake City, Utah; and North by Northeast Clinic, Portland, Ore.

"The community organizations participating in Healthy Match provide services to the needy free of charge," said Tracy Taylor, executive director of the Natural Products Foundation. "Often staffed only by volunteers, these community-run centers help ensure that individuals who are unable to afford health-related services do not simply slip through the cracks of a broken health care system."

The NPF is continuing to enroll community health programs and natural

products companies to participate in Healthy Match. All products contributed go directly to the community program of the donor's choice, and contributions, material or financial, are generally tax deductible. Learn more about the Healthy Match program at:

The Natural Products Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation organized exclusively to stimulate and support research, education and knowledge regarding dietary supplements, nutritional foods, and related products, with the overall objective of advancing the knowledge of the public, and thereby, improving the public health.

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